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Live at Studio Underjord

by Siberian

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released February 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Siberian Linköping, Sweden

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Track Name: Heresy Breath
Slipping through your fingers
All you ever imagined
It will never be

Years falling away from you
Futures not where supposed to be
They will never be

Keep on pushing the boundaries
Mental, physical blood on my sleeve
If I don't believe what I can achieve
Then there's nothing left
Nothing left for me

Aldrig, som en död åt mina drömmar
Aldrig, jag vägrar släppa in dem orden
Aldrig, all framtid rensat från hopp
Aldrig, jag vägrar släppa in dem orden
Track Name: Axis Mundi
He holds out his hands
Wanting me to let go
Years ago
I would not hesitate

I never thought
You'd be the one to go
I never thought
You'd be the one to carry all this weight

All this weight
Answers to me

I tried to escape
Close every open door
But you'd break through
To offer a way of salvation
From all this weight
Track Name: Kingdoms
Bane in our veins
All blood's like tar
Bane in our veins
Oh blood's the way

To bring us there, to take us away
To bring us there, oblivious state
With smoke filled lungs
We dwell in the dark


Bane in our veins
My blood's like tar
Bane in our veins
Oh blood's the way

To bring me there, to take me away
To bring me there, oblivious state
With open mind
I dwell in the dark

Kingdoms of unconscious states
Tried to bring you back again
Bring you kingdoms
Bring new kingdoms
Track Name: Withness
She stands at the edge of my bed
Silently holding a paper scroll
These words tell of a revelation
Bringing the worst imaginable truth
Upon us

You will lose the ones dearest to you
But when you close your eyes
You can still be with them
I have witnessed the hypnosis
I have fallen so deep
I can not be awakened

Over and over again
The memories keeps haunting me

There will be no one

Never forget

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